The Better Diva

Madonna vs Janet

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Who is the better diva who has changed the music and music video industry the most?

9 Responses to "The Better Diva"

  1. Joseph says:

    I dislike anyone that is referred to as a “diva”. =/

  2. James says:

    Second that.

  3. Dr. Wilson says:

    I think Janet & Madonna is on the same level except Madonna is older than Janet and Madonna has released more albums than Janet, but don’t forget Janet & Madonna were rivals back in the 80’s and Janet stayed on top, she has won more awards and is a better dancer and has broken many boundaries for black & Whites just like her brother. I don’t see them being the same because Janet is a hard core dancer, and Madonna can not dance. I like both of them but prefer Janet’s music & dancing style better than I do Madonna’s.

  4. Frankie says:

    I think the votes speak for themselves 🙂 Janet Jackson will always reign supreme over Madonna

  5. YourMadgesty says:

    Madonna is the queen of pop. Janet is the queen of irrelevance. Bitch hasn’t had a hit since 2001. Couldn’t even headline the Superbowl by herself, had to leave the stage twice so Diddy and Kid Rock could perform, too. Madonna, on the other hand, is there for the entire halftime. And she won’t flash a boob, though it wouldn’t ruin her career because she’s actually smart and doesn’t apologize for controversy.

    Good luck with your next global flop, Janet. I’m sure you’ll get a U.K. number one eventually… lmao.

    • Janatic says:

      @YourMadgesty actually, Janet’s last hit was in 2008 when Feedback cracked the top 20. You can’t even compare album sales. Both of their last albums didn’t sell well. Madonna hasn’t been pulling out hits, so before you GO MADGE crazy, relax a bit. Being a bitch doesn’t make you a better artist.

      I like both artists. They’ve contributed alot with fashion, music and dance. I personally like Janet more than Madonna.

    • Ryan says:

      Janet doesn’t need a UK number one, Together Again has outsold ALL of Madonna’s UK number ones, go check… Music is not a popularity contest, its about real talent. Both aren’t vocalists, but Janet has the better tone to her voice, Janet is undeniably the better live performer, Madonna could NEVER do a tour like the one Janet is currently doing every night, with no special effects, just Janet. She is more emulated by artists of today Beyonce, Britney, Ciara, Rihanna are all more Janet inspired than Madonna. The only thing Madonna is better at than Janet is being a media whore. Oh and about Janet and the superbowl, you do know Madge is getting the help of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A right?? Both are great artists, I fail to see why people feel the need to bring down one artist to big up their own.

    • YewKNO says:

      Madonna couldnt headline the Superbowl by her old ass self thats why she used like 18 people to try and make that performance happen. She almost fell 15 times, she obviously lipped and again she proved she couldnt dance. THE STAGE WAS MORE INTERESTING THAN HER! Janet Jackson’s last hit on billboard was in 2008 so SIT with the bull. The fact of the matter is Madonna used sexuality her ENTIRE career and that ship been sailed. Janets first 4 albums werent focused on sex at all. Janet dances and sings better. Shes more talented pure and simple. Madonna is a copy of Grace Jones’ style and old Marilyn Monroe poses. Not to mention she stole the concept for “Vogue” from Malcolm McClaren. I have love for Madonna but dont ever sit here and believe she sings or dances better than Janet Jackson.

  6. james b says:

    janet is still hot madonna looks like a white trash crack whore

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